Founders’ Fears & failures Podcast

We all know about the highlight reel of  successful startup founders.

But what about the not so glamorous, behind-the-scenes version?

The sleepless nights

The loneliness

The companies that fail

The (mental) health struggles

The stories of burnout

The imposter syndrome

The challenges of work-life balance 

…and so much more

Startup life stretches you to your limits. The risks of burnout are high and research suggests that 72% of entrepreneurs are affected by mental health struggles. 

There’s nothing worse than going through an emotional low than thinking you’re the only one struggling or that something is wrong with you for having such a hard time. 

It’s time we removed the stigma about talking about mental and emotional struggles that come with being a startup founder. It’s time we got the conversation started so that startup founders feel less alone in their struggles. 


Introducing, the Founders’ Fears & Failures Podcast.

Founders’ Fears & Failures is a weekly podcast launching in February 2023 where we’ll dive deep into the mental and emotional challenges that founders face in the startup ecosystem.

I’m your host, Dr. Melissa Parks. I’m an entrepreneur myself and a former therapist who now works as a mindset coach for entrepreneurs.

Each Tuesday you can look forward to a brand new episode of this show where I’ll be introducing you to founders, investors, mentors, and experts around the globe as they share their own personal experiences and offer valuable insights and strategies for navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

We’ll be covering it all – dealing with stress, burnout and mental health struggles, juggling the competing demands of personal and professional life, coping with the inevitable setbacks and failures that are part of the entrepreneurial journey, and more. 

Whether you’re a founder, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply someone interested in the startup world, this podcast is for you.

Join us as we explore the fears and failures that come with starting, and growing, a business, and learn how to turn them into opportunities for growth and success.  

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