Support for Founders’ Mental Health & Well-Being

If you are in crisis, please visit this website to find a list of suicide hotlines around the globe. 



      • Psychology Today offers a directory to help you find licensed mental health professionals depending on the country you are based in.
      • The Location Independent Therapists directory is geared towards people who are seeking a mental health professional who understands the challenges of living and working across borders.
      • Mental Health Match offers a directory for finding a therapist in the United States. You can search for therapists specializing in areas of that may be of interest for founders such as “business” or  “work life balance.”

Additional Support

      • Founders Taboo offers a course, online community, and directory linking you to professionals who specialize in supporting the mental and emotional well-being of founders.
      • Founder Pledge has collated a list of resources including coaches, therapists, podcasts, and additional support for founder mental well-being