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My passion

for working with entrepreneurs arose while wrestling with the question of whether or not I wanted to have children. What I realized was that if I was going to bring a child into this world, I needed to believe that things could improve for their generation, and for generations to come, and that I was doing my part to help make the world a better place.

The way I contribute

to improving our world is by helping ambitious entrepreneurs like you. I fully believe in your potential to be a changemaker in the lives of your customers, team members, family, communities, and the world at large.

I also know how emotionally and mentally challenging it can be to run a business. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to -day of running the business that you forget about other things that are important to you like your health and relationships.

This is why I’m committed to

helping entrepreneurs like you to improve your mental fitness and learn to navigate the emotional ups and downs of entrepreneur life so you can use your talents to make the world a better place, while maintaining your mental well-being and relationships along the way!

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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re overwhelmed and exhausted and sometimes wonder if it’s time to return to corporate
  • You have trouble disconnecting from work and your well-being and relationships are suffering. 
  • You’ve already burnt out once as a founder and you want to do things differently this time
  • You’re plagued by overthinking, analysis paralysis, or procrastination
  • Some days you wonder if you’re really capable of bringing all your dreams for your business to life.
  • You’ve got imposter syndrome breathing down your neck every day
  • You’re working too many hours – saying yes to everything and everyone
  • Disappointment and rejection sets you into a downward spiral and throws off your day (or week)
  • Your company is growing so fast that you’re struggling to keep up with all the changes required of you and you’d like a sounding board to help manage your stress

Imagine that you could

  • Feel less stressed and anxious in your day to day life at work and at home
  • Step away from work without guilt and be present to enjoy time with the people you care about (including yourself!)
  • Feel excited, energized, and motivated to work on your business and grow it to its full potential.
  • Confidently share your message  with the world and pitch to investors
  • Bounce back faster after disappointment, failure, or rejection
  • Show up as the empathetic and emotionally intelligent leader your team needs you to be
  • Ditch your imposter syndrome and start believing in your ability to be a successful entrepreneur and make the world a better place.
  • Make decisions more quickly, be more productive, and take more consistent action in your business

let’s work


Executive coaching for entrepreneurs

Executive coaching with me is not about business strategy or mentorship. 

Executive coaching is primarily focused on improving your mental fitness and emotional resilience. It’s the support you need to take action and move forward, without feeling overwhelmed (or overworking) in the process.

Here’s more about what executive coaching with me is all about:

My coaching methodology is based on tools and techniques grounded in the latest research on neuroscience and designed to create long lasting changes.

Our work together will focus on

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs that are holding you back OR causing you to overwork
  • Building mental fitness and cultivating emotional resilience so you can better handle the rollercoaster of entrepreneur life.
  • My clients tell me that my combination of compassion and accountability is the secret sauce to helping them get things done! You’ll also learn new ways to motivate yourself so you’ll take more consistent action outside of our work together.

You’ll walk away from our work with tools and techniques that you can continue to use to handle any future mental and emotional challenges that entrepreneur life throws at you.

What’s the Financial Investment for Coaching?

The financial investment depends on the stage of your company and amount of support needed. The average rate per 1:1 session is $200 (USD). 
Please set up a free consultation call or contact me so we can discuss how to best work together.

Ready to get started?

A few more things about my coaching

My work with clients is about more than just changing your thoughts. I believe work on limiting beliefs isn’t complete unless it acknowledges how the systems and cultures we’re a part of, or grew up in, influence how we show up in the world and interact with others and ourselves.

I want you to feel safe to bring your whole self to our sessions, which is why I strive to create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming. I’m an ally to the BIPOC, immigrant, LGBTQIA+ and Fat Positive/Health at Every Size communities

Many entrepreneurs, including many of my clients and myself, are neurodivergent. If this sounds like you too then our work together will focus on making sure your unique wiring doesn’t hold you back from success and ease as an entrepreneur.

My coaching program is not a cookie cutter model. I have tools and a framework that works for the majority of clients, but I strive to create a bespoke program for each of my 1:1 coaching clients that takes into account their unique goals, needs, and preferences.

Coaching is not the same as therapy. I’m a former therapist, but do not provide therapy to my coaching clients. Some of my clients work with a therapist simultaneously for the treatment of a specific mental health diagnosis. Therapy often focuses on looking to the past to heal from old wounds whereas coaching focuses more on getting you from where you are now to the future you desire. We may dip our toes back into the past to help you better understand yourself, but we don’t stay there long. If I ever suspect that I client would benefit from therapy I don’t hesitate to refer them to one of my colleagues.

What my clients say

“Melissa is a warm, kind and caring coach. She’s a great listener and truly sees, hears, and understands her clients. If you’re looking for a compassionate coach, I highly recommend connecting with Melissa Parks.”

Former client

“Melissa is professional, organized, and very well tapped into helpful informational resources. I appreciated that when we talked, she was often able to offer insight into how the brain works, human psychological tendencies, and especially useful strategies for navigating situations.”

Former client

“I can’t say enough about Melissa. Her sessions are full of compassion, patience, understanding, and growth. She gave me just the right tools to gently guide me as I overcame stressful moments in my life and worked on being my best self. I learned so much from working with her that I still use to this day, which is so empowering. I really recommend working with her!”

Former client

I like having all the tools you shared with me that I still get to fall back on and think about from time to time. I enjoyed having you to speak with and the way you helped me to accept my feelings and know that sometimes it’s ok to be mad, frustrated, sad, all that stuff but mostly you helped me to identify my stressful triggers with my work and my family so that I could control my emotions more, be more accepting of myself, and live life in a more even manner with my emotions and reactions with my team.”

Former client

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