Episode 21: The Importance of Creativity and Community for Entrepreneur Well-Being with Tova Safra

Jun 27, 2023 | podcast | 0 comments

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What role does creativity have in your life as a founder? Do you make sure you find ways to protect and prioritize it? Do you ever worry that your creativity might derail you and lead to shiny object syndrome?

In this week’s episode we dive into all those questions with Tova Safra, a solopreneur turned tech startup co-founder. We explore the importance of creativity in her life, why she thinks entrepreneurs should embrace shiny object syndrome, and the importance of having a social infrastructure when you’re working alone.

Tova is Cofounder & Chief Design Officer (CDO) at Groove, a digital coworking space. Her expertise is in research-backed design, incorporating qualitative feedback and collaborating with people who use the technology she helps create. Tova has two decades of experience designing all sorts of things people like to use, from textiles to apps, and is also a digital artist working with new technologies.

Before cofounding Groove, she worked for large corporates, teeny start ups, and then as a solopreneur. She believes the world would be a much friendlier place if we all gave each other just a little bit more space to be creative in it. Originally from NY, she lives in Jerusalem with her family.

I will do anything to protect my creativity, because without that I wouldn’t be able to survive. And I guess that’s what people talk about when they say, ‘Well, I have to, I feel it in my body, that I have to be an entrepreneur,’ they might be talking about that creative drive, that won’t let them rest, that they just have to answer.

Currently you need to apply and get on a waitlist if you want to join Groove’s digital coworking space, but as a listener of the podcast Tova is giving you the chance to go straight in and start co-working right away (and connect with her) through her personal invite link.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The challenges Tova had to overcome in her transition from being a solopreneur to a tech startup co-founder
  • Why the unpredictability of entrepreneur life may be preferable to the predictability of corporate
  • Why she encourages entrepreneurs to embrace shiny object syndrome (and why we shouldn’t be calling it a syndrome at all)
  • How Marie Kondo’s philosophy can help entrepreneurs realize when it’s time to end a project or pivot
  • How Groove’s virtual co-working supports entrepreneurs around the globe and helps them to find a sense of community
  • Why “The Artist’s Way” should be required reading for entrepreneurs seeking to change their inner dialogue and tap into their creativity

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