Melissa Parks Mindset Coaching for Enterpreneurs

You’ve already had some success in your business, but the truth is you have an even BIGGER vision


for the impact you want to make


the money you want to earn


and the life you want to live


…but something keeps holding you back from bringing it to life.

Ready to get out of your own way?


Does any of this sound familiar?



You know some of the next steps you need to take, but fear, procrastination, self-sabotage, or feeling like a fraud keep getting in your way.


If a client doesn’t sign with you, you spend weeks (and a lot of sleepless nights) beating yourself up and rehashing the situation.


You left corporate to get more freedom and flexibility, but instead, you’ve found just the opposite. Sometimes you wonder if it’s time to call it quits on your entrepreneur dreams.


You’re exhausted from the 24/7 hustle and your relationships and your health are starting to suffer.


What if instead you…



Had the confidence and courage to put yourself out there for marketing and networking, to ask for introductions, make pitches, and close sales?


Learned how to reframe the way you see failure so that the fear of it doesn’t hold you back? 


Could more quickly recover when those inevitable setbacks do happen so that you don’t waste any time on moving towards your dreams?


…AND still have time and energy to enjoy time with your loved ones, or a favorite hobby, and not constantly think about work?


This is where I come in.



Hi! I’m Melissa


As a former therapist, I combine 15 years of experience in mental and behavioral health, along with my own journey as an entrepreneur,  to provide a combination of compassion, accountability, and the practical tools and techniques you need to succeed on your entrepreneurial journey, without sacrificing your well-being and relationships in the process.

Your success as an entrepreneur depends on your personal development just as much (if not more) as your professional development. The sustainability of your business depends largely on how much you invest in your own personal growth.

Consider our work together as part of that investment. Together, we will identify your dreams for your business and your life, explore how you are getting in your own way, and find ways to overcome these obstacles. Then, I will be by your side cheering you on and holding you accountable as you start taking action.

As a business mindset coach, I am NOT going to be telling you the right thing to do in your business. I also won’t be providing you with a marketing or business plan. This is not traditional business coaching. But the thing is…you don’t need that type of coaching! What you need is someone to help you believe in your dreams and your potential to reach them, uncover your blind spots around what’s holding you back, and optimize your productivity and mental fitness along the way.

I personalize my approach for each of my clients to make sure that it’s relevant for your current challenges and what you most need support with.

Want to learn more?


Here are some of the main topics I help my clients with.

Which would you like help with? 



Increase your confidence

Stop doubting your talent and comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs. Say goodbye to fear and imposter syndrome, and learn how to bounce back from setbacks and failure.


Improve your productivity and time management

Stop procrastinating and start taking action. Increase your focus, make better decisions, and say goodbye to overthinking and analysis paralysis. We’ll also focus on ways to motivate yourself, create better boundaries, and work smarter, not harder.


Better work-life balance

Learn how to better juggle your work and personal life, and how to switch off so you’re not thinking about work when you’re not working. Create space and energy in your days so you can practice self-care, and be more present and less irritable with your family and friends.


Change your money mindset

It’s time to break through your money mindset blocks so you can stop undercharging and take action towards earning an income that will allow you to live the life of your dreams.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a game plan call with me so we can explore whether or not my coaching program is a good fit for helping you get unstuck and bring your impact and income dreams to life! 


Here’s what people have to say about working with me


Melissa is a warm, kind and caring coach. She’s a great listener and truly sees, hears, and understands her clients. If you’re looking for a compassionate coach, I highly recommend connecting with Melissa Parks.

- Heidi McBain (former client)

Melissa is compassionate, warm, and professional. She had the unique ability to dive deep when necessary and laugh with me other times.

- Former client

Melissa is professional, organized, and very well tapped into helpful informational resources. I appreciated that when we talked, she was often able to offer insight into how the brain works, human psychological tendencies, and especially useful strategies for navigating situations.

- Former client

I can’t say enough about Melissa. Her sessions are full of compassion, patience, understanding, and growth. She gave me just the right tools to gently guide me as I overcame stressful moments in my life and worked on being my best self. I learned so much from working with her that I still use to this day, which is so empowering. I really recommend working with her!

- Former client

Sessions with Melissa, albeit hard for me sometimes, were always fantastic. In addition, the extracurricular materials (worksheets, exercises, etc) helped to continue the progress outside of our conversations. I can’t say enough great things about Melissa!

- Former client

Melissa was easy to talk to and very professional. I worked with her over the course of 3 months and I was able to notice growth within myself during this time. She provided resources and tools specific to things we discussed in our calls that were tailored to my needs. I cannot recommend Melissa enough as a coach especially if you are in a transitional period of life.

- Sarah (former client)

My Story

I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit for as long as I can remember, long before I’d even heard the word “entrepreneur.” As young as eight I could be found selling snow-cones to the neighborhood kids and trying to convince my mom I was old enough to run my own babysitter’s club.

The very aspects of my personality that have fueled this entrepreneurial spirit – passion, ambition, creativity, and a deep desire to help others – have opened up doors for me that others may have considered impossible. I’ve worked in mental health settings in multiple countries despite the fact that psychology isn’t traditionally considered an international career. I launched an exclusively online psychotherapy practice at a time when the mental health community still questioned the legitimacy of telehealth. And after building my own location independent business focused on providing therapy and coaching, I went on to co-found an online community so I can support other mental health professionals around the world who aspire to follow a similar path.

However, this entrepreneurial spirit has its dark side too. Over the years I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and burnout. I learned the hard way that in order to sustain the passion I have for the work I do, I need to ensure I am sustaining myself first.

For the past seven years I have worked as a therapist and coach for the globally mobile community – expats, immigrants, diplomats, and location independent professionals – which has offered me the chance to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds. Despite their differences amongst my clients, I’ve seen many of them face the same struggles as I did. They are talented, passionate people who are held back from reaching their full potential by perfectionism, self-doubt, procrastination, or burnout.

Nowhere has this impacted me more than when I see it taking place amongst purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Starting your own business can feel like stepping onto a mental and emotional rollercoaster that’s built on top of a skyscraper. It feels like there’s so much on the line – which means yes, the highs are much more thrilling, but the lows can be that much more devastating.

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get stuck in your own head – overthinking, doubting yourself, and being paralyzed by fear. There’s a great risk of being miserable and burning out along the way. I understand all of this far too well. I also know it doesn’t have to be like this.

I have invested years to better understand the psychology of human behavior, and find the best tools to help my clients leverage their passion and ambition in their pursuit of being a successful business owner, without burning out in the process.

What I’ve found is a framework and a set of effective tools that help entrepreneurs increase their confidence, efficiency, and resilience. Characteristics that enable them to constantly move forward as business owners, and progress towards making the biggest positive contribution, without sacrificing their own well-being and relationships along the way.

I use these tools myself on a daily basis and I can’t wait to share them with you.

ready to meet and find out if my coaching is the right fit for you?

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